The adventures of the Wambu brothers

Book 2: Packman Punch

By Clayton Wambu

Once there were three brothers. Just in case you haven’t yet read the first book, their names are Clayton, Kelton and Easton. Before we begin, are you reading this book because?

  1. You play Packman a lot
  2. You have an interest in retro games


  1. You’ll read anything, you’re just like that

If you chose A, then you’ll have enough luck. If B, your luck has run out because there’s no mention of other retro games but it depends if you consider Mario or Sonic the hedgehog retro games. If you chose C, then you’re my kind of reader and therefore will enjoy this book. Now, let’s begin. The Tons were busy watching a video on YouTube called Videogame mashups: Mario Sonic and Packman when the laptop malfunctioned, causing the keyboard to spark. They were enjoying it so much that they all cried, “Aww. Who did that?” then blamed each other. Little did they know that the battery had leaked and that the more it leaked, the more powerful it got. Soon the force was so strong that a wormhole opened up and they were sucked inside!! “Wow!!” they cried when they had landed

“Look! There’s Mario, and Sonic, and Packman!!” cried Clayton, who, as you know from the previous book loves videogames so knew all the names of by heart.
“I was going to say that!” lied Kelton, who couldn’t name Bowser Jr.

“No you weren’t liar” teased Clayton who, to be honest, would take the chance to tease Kelton whenever it came.

“Naughty Clayton!” moaned Kelton who was usually very moany anyway so Clayton knew just what to do. Now, the adventure. Suddenly there was a deafening roar and Bowser, Packman, Bowser Jr Eggman and all the Koopalings jumped out of nowhere and stopped them admiring the view!!

“ahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!” screamed everyone except for Clayton (as usual). “Quick! Hit that yellow block with your head!” instructed Clayton “You’ll get a powerup! And hurry!!”

“Wouldn’t it hurt?” asked Kelton

“Just do it!!!!!” yelled Clayton as he dragged them underneath the block and did exactly what he had said. Three mega-mushrooms fell out, they each took one and immedietly grew to the size of giants. After stomping out the bad guys and turning back to normal, they called it a day and headed for home when Easton asked a very important question ,“Which way is home?”

“I don’t know.” Replied Clayton

“I’ll help you,”         said Mario kindly “Open the Wormhole!” in an instant, the Wormhole opened up and sucked them back home

“What an adventure!” they all gasped when they got back and they fell fast asleep. The next morning they awoke very early and Clayton made them breakfast. While they were eating they talked about their dreams.

“First Easton then Kelton and finally me.” said Clayton

“I dreamt I was in a computer game.” said Easton

“So did I.” said Kelton

“I’ve heard that before.” said Clayton “You always say you dreamt of something that actually happened. I didn’t have a dream.” Just as he said that Patrick walked into the room saying “Its international play retro games day so you can play as much as you want!!”

“Not again!!” squealed Kelton and Easton

“Yayyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!” cried Clayton. This is where the story ends. Hope you enjoyed it. Be sure to buy the next book in the series. Oh and, if you didn’t read the title the series is called the adventures of the Wambu brothers.


The End


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