The adventures of the Wambu brothers

Book 1: ROBLOX AND Beyond!!!

This series includes 4 books in total

By Clayton Wambu

Once there were three brothers who lived in a little house with their mummy and daddy. This story is about something that happened to them. Before we begin I’ll introduce them, starting with the youngest: Easton was three, Kelton was five and Clayton was the oldest at nine years old. Now we begin. “Stop playing Roblox all day!!” yelled their daddy (though we’ll call him Patrick). It was the summer holidays and the Tons (which is what their parents called them because of their names) were playing Roblox more than ever. Roblox was their favourite game on the computer and if you were paying attention you’ll already know that’s what the story is about. Anyway, they stopped playing and started to watch their favourite show Go Jetters and as they were singing and dancing with the subtitles on though they didn’t need them when they saw a flash and the screen went blank. “Awwwwww!!” awed Easton “We hadn’t finished watching that Clayton!!”

“It wasn’t me!” replied Clayton who knew the flash was lightning and so there was a storm.

“Easton, it was just lightning. Ok?” said Kelton at the same time as squishing Easton’s face. “Let’s carry on playing Roblox.” Just as Kelton was about to turn on the laptop, Clayton shouted “don’t even think about it!” and he blocked Kelton’s way. Now, I’m not going to say their every move so let’s skip to the adventure. It was early in the morning when they woke up the next day and Clayton made them breakfast before they played more Roblox this time they played Get Eaten. This is how the adventure started. Remember how there was a storm the day before? Well it was still going strong so the laptop went blank. Kelton then did a very silly thing indeed; he unplugged and plugged in the laptop while it was still on. Just as the screen turned back on, the Tons were sucked in! When they finally landed they found they had turned into Roblox men! Clayton was the last to land but managed to jump in the car that his brothers were in just in time. They slid down Ozzypig and then Doge and last but not least Jackinthebox. Jackinthebox had three loop-de-loops and a steep downhill before them. Then… they saw Ethangamertv and Clayton quickly morphed into Claybanermani and befriended him before changing back to normal. After a while they got bored and went to Mega fun and easy obby. Clayton carried them all the way to the end of the game and Clayton morphed into Claybanermani and he got nine million nine thousand and ninety-nine Robux before changing back to normal. Soon after this they came back to the real world. They were extremely tired and fell asleep the moment they got back. When they woke up it was the next morning and they all thought (except for Clayton) that it had been a dream.

“I dreamt that I was in a Roblox game.” said Kelton and Easton at the same time before adding, “Jinks padlock!!” also at the same time.

“It wasn’t a dream. It actually happened!” said Clayton very confidently.

“I’m not joking!”

“mm mm mm mm” mmed Kelton and Easton

“Oops, sorry. Kelton Kelton Kelton. Easton Easton Easton.” said Clayton.

“Good morning,” said Patrick “It’s international play Roblox day. So you can play as much as you want!”

“No thanks” said Kelton and Easton

“YIPEEEEE!!!” yelled Clayton. This is where the story ends. Hope you enjoyed it. Be sure to buy the next book in the series. Oh and, if you didn’t read the title the series is called the adventures of the Wambu brothers.






  1. Excellent, just excellent… MORE PLEASE!

  2. Hello colleagues, great piece of writing and good
    commented here, I am genuinely enjoying these.

  3. Andrew says

    It could happen you know: International Playing-Roblox-All-Day Day
    It could happen….

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