The adventures of the Wambu brothers

Book 3: Mario Muddle

By Clayton Wambu

Before we begin, I’d like to note that Clayton will now be known as Superloser, Kelton will now be known as Speedboat and Easton will now be known as Lighting. I’d also like to introduce their cousins Christian and Tyler but Christian will be known as Barold or Barry for short and Tyler will be known as Harold or Harry for short. Now that you know everyone, I’ll begin. It was the summer holidays (as usual) and the Tons were at their cousin’s house for a sleepover. “Hi, Barold.” said Superloser while doing a little snigger at how boring their names were.

“I’ve told you a million times, DON’T CALL ME BAROLD!!” answered Barry who was jealous of their names “Besides, your name says you’re a big loser!”

“I’M NOT A LOSER!!” Superloser roared back.




“AREN’T!!” roared Superloser at the top of his voice. “You’re just jealous because your name’s so ordinary!”

“Stop fighting!” ordered Harry and they listened (though it was only because he was the most vicious of them all (not put together)

“Sorry, Barry Loser.” groaned Superloser.

“IM NOT A LOSER!!” was the reply that came

“Well you have the same first names.” said Superloser

“Well, I guess so.” sighed Barry. “Let’s play Super Mario 3D World

“You-you have it?!” asked Superloser, quite startled by this

“Yep. I’ll prove it,” answered Harry, pulling out a game card saying: Super Mario 3D World.

“What did we miss?” asked the two younger of the five.

“Nothing interesting.” lied Superloser just un-suspicious enough for them to believe it really was nothing and go for a nap. Whilst they were playing, their minds became so attached to the game that they actually went inside it! At first they didn’t really notice, but as they started to look around, they found they were inside the game! They also found that they could do everything as if they were Mario or Luigi! At first, they thought they were dreaming, but as they were inside for longer, it felt more real and they finally believed it and started to explore. What they didn’t know was that they were still on level one and had to complete it in order to explore any further. Then they came to an edge, “Had we completed level one?” asked Superloser

“I don’t think we did.” replied Barry with a worried expression on his face

“Well we’ll just have to D.I.O.” reassured Superloser

“What’s ‘D.I.O’?” asked the others

Do it ourselves.” was the reply. Superloser’s plan worked better than expected and as they stuck together, they completed every single level on the same day they had got into the adventure! But little did they know that the others had woken up, picked up the DS and started to play. In an instant they could no longer control themselves and were jumping like mad! “The others must be awake!” said Superloser very worriedly. “TIME TO GET OUT OF HERE!!!” they all bellowed as they tried to signal them to stop. But no matter how hard they tried, they just kept on moving and they soon felt they could jump no more.

“Now I know what Mario goes through with those two.” they all panted. Suddenly… they heard another voice, a voice that sounded a lot like Mario’s voice “Lets a-go!” went the voice, over and over again until they decided to follow it. “If Mario is here, I think he’ll be able to help us get out.” They thought as they went. When they finally reached the source of the voice, it was Mario and he did know how to help them (so he did). When they finally got back they were very sneaky because they pretended they were in the exercise room then came out. “Hi again!” they said as calmly as possible “Just popped to the exercise room while you were asleep. And yes, we did complete all the levels. They were so much fun! You should do every single one to.” they all lied. This is where the story ends. Hope you enjoyed it. Be sure to buy the next book in the series. Oh and, if you didn’t read the title the series is called the adventures of the Wambu brothers.

The End


  1. Andrew says

    Wow that was a great twist actually entering the computer game! Maybe I could do that…*sigh* I just wish we knew exactly how Mario got them out, must have been as unexpected as how they went in.

    Keep creating these stories, I’ve read them all and somehow I’m not feeling satisfied…it’s like I have been left in suspense intentionally and that’s such a great sensation!!

  2. When is the next book going to be out

  3. Ok :]

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