Sky Wars: Revenge!!!

By Clayton Wambu

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away… there lived five brave warriors. There was also someone who wanted to rule the galaxy, that someone was known as Darth Vader. Vader worked with a cloned army and his brother, Darth Maul. The warriors called themselves, Jedi. In our universe, there’s something known as the Force (they couldn’t think of a better name for it). The Force was split into two parts, the Light and the Dark. The Jedi were on the Light side of the Force, while Darth Vader, his Stormtroopers and Darth Maul, were on the Dark side. Jedi used Lightsabres and blasters, while the Empire used blasters and stun weapons. The only thing they both used, was the Force. It could allow them to levitate things and see both the past and the future. The Jedi were Clay Skywalker, Easoda, Chris Solo, Tybacca and Obi-Wan Kelobi. The ships for the Jedi were X-wing fighters (because their wings looked like the letter ‘X’) and Solo’s ship was the Millennium Falcon. The Empire, however, used Star Destroyers and the most powerful known weapon, the Death Star. The Death Star was capable of destroying an entire planet. Now let’s begin. The Jedi were practising their manoeuvres when the warning siren went off. “Dang it! I was just about to complete the level!” complained Skywalker

“Come on Clay, lets get to our ships” said Solo

“CALL ME SKYWALKER!!!” yelled Skywalker

“RAHHHHHH!!” went Tybacca as they walked down the long passageways towards the hangers. “Don’t forget your blaster” Skywalker reminded Solo “You might need it!” Soon, they had taken off. “Solo to Skywalker I repeat Solo to Skywalker. Do you read me? Over.” Crackled the radio “Hearing you loud and clear. Over.”

Now, listen, we need to get to Naboo, so use the Hyperdrive.”

“Chris, I don’t have a Hyperdrive. But, I could travel inside the Falcon. It is a freighter, right?”

Yes it is. But I can never find the cargo lift.

“It’s underneath the ship you doofus!”

Oh, right. I knew that, I was just checking you did too.

“Okayyyyyyyyyyyyyy, then open the hatch. I’m gonna fly in!” As the cargo hatch opened, Skywalker skilfully manoeuvred inside. Meanwhile, on Naboo, Obi-Wan Kelobi was waiting for Chris and Skywalker. He owned two droids, C-3PO and R2-D2. R2-D2 would just make bleeping noises, but 3PO could actually talk. Soon, the Falcon landed in the docking bay. “Where’s Skywalker?” asked Obi-Wan

“He’s in the cargo compartment” replied Chris “His X-Wing doesn’t have a Hyperdrive”

“It actually does” said Obi-Wan

“Kid! Your ship does have a Hyperdrive after all!” called Solo. Skywalker and Solo were on Naboo because of some valuable info on the empire’s new weapon, a cloning device. Obi-Wan had told them the Empire was cloning armour for over 1,000 newly trained Flametroopers and though Darth Vader had recently been defeated, there was a new leader called Kylo Ren. Kylo admired Vader so much that he kept his burned helmet in his room at all times. His base was currently going towards Dagobah. What they didn’t know about Dagobah, is that Easoda lived there. Easoda was one of the best Jedi masters in history (he trained Skywalker).

“Also,” carried on Obi-Wan, “the new ship has just been designed. It’s called the B-wing.”

“Will I get one to replace the old X-wing?” asked Skywalker

“Yes you will,” replied Kelobi “in fact, I have it here waiting for you”

Skywalker rushed over to a large sheet of tarp and uncovered the B-wing. He immedietly started the engine and took it for a test run. It was more aerodynamic, faster and agile than the B-wing and most of all, the blasters were stronger and more precise. “Go to D’bar immedietly.” Ordered Kelobi “you might be able to intercept.”

“Okey-Dokey!” said Skywalker. While they were flying in the direction of D’bar, a Star Destroyer exited Hyperspace just above them. It was close enough to make their ships shudder violently. Then imperial TIE fighters came from overhead and started firing at them, so Chris & Skywalker fired back. It was an easy win for the Jedi, and they didn’t even break a sweat. Soon they had landed on D’bar and the First Order didn’t even notice they were there! The rest of the team got there and they snuck into the rows of Stormtroopers without a sound (they had made Tybacca guard the ships), and Skywalker and Solo got right behind Kylo Ren to try to foil his plans to take over the planet. Kylo Ren also had a droid called R3-S6 which he relied on to keep out intruders. “It’s a bit stuffy in here!” whispered Easoda and Kelobi

“No it’s not! We’ve done it before and it only smells a little bad!” the others whispered back into their com-units. D’bar had a rocky terrain and hills were everywhere which made it very tiring to walk along. Everyone had wanted to take the starship but the answer had been no as they always took it and never walked or had exercise. “You know how this planet is called D’bar?” panted Chris Solo

“Yeeeeeeeeessss,” ansered Clay Skywalker not really sure what he meant

“Well… where’s the bar?”

“Errrrrrrrrrrrr? I don’t know?” that had really wracked his brain, not because it was too much for him, but because he didn’t know and was too proud to say so. Anyways, they had just entered an arena and were getting ready to take action when the Stormtroopers behind them readied their blasters. They had no choice than to take of the armour and battle them. The battle was an easy win and only took approximately 1 minute! They soon had Kylo cornered and were drawing closer with their Lightsabres drawn.




  1. Andrew says

    Hahahaaaa! Where’s the bar? Dude you’re too much! Please carry on with the next part soonest 🙂

  2. Hi clayton how do you play roblex without downloading it

  3. Clay ,reply as soon as you can. I have some big plans for SJ

    From Ramnik

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