Only members of Colourann® (Obiram, Harshaan, Master Clindu) are alowed here. This is a business post, so no messing around!


  1. Hello Clayton

  2. Hey clayton i will post a picture of the logo to you anyway where are the meetings going to be for this

  3. Claywalker says

    if you post the pic here, i could perfect it and use it as my profile picture

  4. Claywalker says

    then post the finished version here

  5. Clayton I will be 2 min

  6. Clayton we have drawn and labelled the logo on a piece of paper and we will bring it in on Monday .also harshaan drew it acknowledgments to him .

    I will talk to u tomorrow or later today


  7. Master Clindu says

    Hello! Whenever you read this, please note it’s still Clay. Now, i don’t think having the meetings at my place is a good idea just yet, but maybe i’ll change my for the second meeting mind after i see how the first meeting goes

  8. Ok man

  9. Maybe at Ferns house or mine and Harahaan’s.

  10. I don’t think I did.

    Maybe the best option would be at Ferns house.


  12. Clayton I will come on Colourann at quarter to 1 or half past 1 .

    See u later.


  13. Hello clayton I was a bit short on time sorry.

  14. Hello Clayton are u there?

  15. Hi Clayton it is not a picture logo it is an animation logo like dream works. I’ve planned it out but I hope you could do the proper animation

  16. So yeah!!!!🐻😜

  17. If u can not do it my dad might be able to help

  18. Master Clindu says

    I can if you take the picture to the meeting with you

    • Do u mean the layout for the animation of Colourann and should i draw the word Colourann an a peice of paper and colour it in

  19. please reply anyway should we do the meetings at ferns in the spring summer or abut 5 weeks from no or even 2 if your available

  20. i meen 5 weeks from now

  21. great

  22. anyway could you do the frames i will give you a plan on some paper or should i just tell you now

  23. But we need to ask fern if we could do it at hers and if she’s available in 2 weeks on sataturday

  24. on sat in 2 weeks 2pm

  25. when and we should have the meeting in 2 weeks on sat 2pm if you available????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  26. ok next week in the half term are you available on monday half term

  27. Master Clindu
    I have a request for u

    I think ryeley should be in Colourann because he might think that we are not his friends anymore because we are not playing with him anymore. It is only because he might be mean to us if he thinks we are not his friends.

    From yours truly


  28. same

  29. we need 2 ask fern and harshen

  30. i mean harshaan

  31. so how r u doing

  32. Master Clindu says

    We are going to make the site password-protected so we’ll exchange contacts next week

  33. helllllllooooooooooo

    what do u think we should wear on the school trip

  34. ok
    wait what do u mean we will exchange contacts tomorrow

  35. Oh thanks for telling me

  36. Is it going private so only clay tons friends can go on here no one else like Ramnik can go on here aka obrian

    • HAHAHA that’s witty! It’s a joke, right? ObiRam not OBrian

      Anyway, it’s gonna be private for you lot and your friends only, not to the public.

      Safety First 🙂

  37. Hey Clayton
    see u at school tomorrow we will bring the animation plan.
    if we cant I think we should do a picture

    From Ramnik

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